William D. Caballero, Director

As an artist, I strive to create unique work employing my self-made mantra, "THE THREEE". Hence, each of my projects must contain at least 2 of the following "E's": EMPOWER: to inspire the viewer to become aware of their precious and individual talents, to remind us that we all have important stories to share, and to lend a voice to those who have none.

ENLIGHTEN: to forcibly wake up humanity from the spell of mindless materialism, to break our addictions to outdated ideologies of control, and to remind us that while we are all the same, we are all truly unique and beautiful.
EXPRESS: to pursue projects that are colossal undertakings that challenge me to look deep into what I can create and to give it my all, because only then, can I lose myself inside my own hidden potential.

Elaine Del Valle, Producer

Louis Perego-Moreno a.k.a. Tio Louie


Louis E. Perego Moreno is the Executive Producer at Prime Latino Media Salon—A forum for Latinos and their supporters to connect and sustain one another in English and Spanish-language media, which features conversations with industry thought-leaders and screenings. Louis is an Interactive Content Producer and the owner and operator of SKYLINE FEATURES, a bilingual (English and Spanish-language) multimedia and educational production company which focuses on culture, youth, LGBTQ, women and health.

Elaine Del Valle

Born & raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn New York, Elaine is owns & operates Del Valle Productions, Inc.—a full service, bilingual film production and casting company that offers services from concept development, to content delivery, to film licensing. Teaming with director William D. Caballero, Del Valle received the 2016 Bronze Telly Award for her work as Producer on the World Channel/ PBS series The Smallest Step— a part of the American Graduate: Stories From The Classroom short film series. Elaine also received the 2015 Madrina Award at Prime Latino Media. She was named "Trendsetter" at the 2013 MultiCultural Media Forum.

Elaine is currently in post-production of her original short film inspirational family drama, Final Decision, which she wrote, produced and directed.
In 2017, Elaine expects to complete the screenplay adaptation of her multiple award winning, critically acclaimed off Broadway play, Brownsville Bred. Brownsville Bred is Del Valle’s true latina coming of age story set in the tough projects of Brownsville Brooklyn, New York.

More about Elaine: www.DelValleProductions.com 

My mission is to infuse entertainment with Female &/or Latino driven truths, insights & perspective, through original programming using diverse talent in front of and behind the camera.

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Chang Kim

Character Modeler


Chang was born in South Korea, went to Sejong University (BFA, painting) and now lives in Queens, New York. Chang created every single pose of Gran'pa & Gran'ma using a few reference, quick sketches from our director and photos in the program ZBrush.

Seth Burney

Furniture/Set Design

Seth is from Massachusetts and went to Pratt Institute (BFA, Industrial Design). Seth modeled and printed Gran'pa and Gran'ma's living spaces, and all of the furniture. He also printed our characters in polymer resin. Burney is a full-time architect in NYC.

Amy Yamashiro

Character Painter

Amy was born and raised in Kaneohe, Hawaii. She graduated New York University in 2013 with a baccalaureate in music education. Amy currently teaches music at a high school in Manhattan, while continuing to perform as a musician and paint miniatures of Gran'pa and Gran'ma.

Ray Ray Mitrano

Font Artist

Storytelling is a major part of what he does, whether it involves drawing, writing, filmmaking or performing.
He is enrolled with the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, New York and for hire as an illustrator of events, portraiture and animation.

Kate Kiesel Caballero

Production Assistant

Kate holds a degree in International Studies and Human Rights and a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work with a concentration in trauma across the life course.

She is the CEO of The Sanar Wellness Institute, where she oversees strategic, programmatic, and operational management while facilitating therapeutic yoga and other survivor services for gender-based violence and undeserved communities.


William D. Caballero is a multimedia filmmaker, whose directorial work can be seen on HBO, Univision, and PBS, as well as over 75 film festivals, including Sundance and Slamdance.  Excelling in the art of telling “big stories using small figures,” his recent accomplishments include a host of short films and several web-series featuring 3D miniature printed protagonists. An eclectic artist, capable in working in diverse media, Caballero has devoted himself to creating compelling art that empowers, enlightens, and expresses his creativity, culture, and curiosity. 

Born in Brooklyn, New York, raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and eventually returning to New York City for college, Caballero is a recipient of the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship. He graduated from Pratt Institute (2006, BFA, Digital Art) and NYU (2008, MA, The Arts and Humanities in Education). His first major project, was an autobiographical documentary entitled “American Dreams Deferred,” which followed the journey of his Puerto Rican-American family, and debuted on PBS in 2012. As a classically-trained composer, he was commissioned by the Apollo Theater in 2010, to travel to Uganda, to create a multimedia advocacy concert, entitled “Speak! So the World Will Listen! Uganda”, later premiering it at the Apollo Theater in its entirety, alongside 15 musicians. During this time, Caballero also created the  philosophical silent film, “Seed Story”, featuring hundreds of one inch tall characters, which would debut at over 50 film festivals across the globe.

In 2015, he developed a web-series entitled “Gran’pa Knows Best”, featuring 3D printed miniatures of his Puerto Rican grandfather, offering quirky advice to millennial viewers. The series was quickly licensed by HBO for two seasons, and debuted on most of its digital platforms in September 2015. Later that year, he developed another web-series for Univision, focusing on capturing the powerful experiences of members of the Dreamers Movement, and filming them using 3D printed and scanned replicas of each participant.  This project debuted on Univision in 2016. 

Finally, Caballero’s latest short film, “Victor and Isolina”, will debut at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. 2017 will also see a new web-series funded by PBS, called “Storybored USA”, which features 3D printed figures of Caballero as host, exploring the creative process, and empowering young and diverse millennials to add their voice to the American narrative.

More on William, Visit wilcab.com

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